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>Achat et vente de bien Immobiliers à l'ile Maurice.

>Achat et vente de bien Immobiliers à l'ile Maurice. - Marché Mauricien

Agence Immobilière ile Maurice

Mauritian citizen policy Home Ownership Refund Scheme This scheme consists of refunding 5% (not more than Rs 500,000) of the declared value of the acquisition of a house, apartment or bare land to build a residential unit. The amount received must be reimbursed should the property be sold within the same year of purchase. First time buyer scheme First time buyers will be exempt of registration duty (5%) to the first Rs 5 million of the buying price (applicable to the purchase of multiple properties before June 30th 2022). Loan repayment schemes 5% of home loans for the construction of a residential unit will be refunded to the buyer (up to Rs 500,000)

Politique des citoyens Mauriciens

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